We are having an organic pesticides, prepared with Ghomutra, Neem leafs, Garlic, Green Chilly and other natural herbs. The process time for preparation is 21 days.

It removes all pests, insects and also improve the richness of the soil. The greenery of plants increases.

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It can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers and other agricultural crops.

One litre can be mixed with 50 litres of water and it can be sprayed on the crops. It has to sprayed either in early morning hours or evening hours. In summer instead of 2% the mixture can be made by mixing only 1.5%.

The cost per litre will be Rs.135/- excluding packing and forwarding charges. This pesticides is prepared only out of Indian breed of cows.

  • Ghomutra
  • Ghomutra
  • Ghomutra

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