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Benefits of Organic Farming

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We have been receiving very good response for organic farming. Today we are posting the benefits of organic farming in this below article.


Organic Agriculture is a long Term effect in Agriculture. This was in India over a millions of years. The main aim is to produce foods and also establishing an ecological balance to prevent the soil fertility and pest problems. It gives a proactive approach to the Agriculture. In today’s system it is solving the problems after creating it. In organic farming it is prevention before cure. The problems will not arise. In organic Farming we had, plant rotation, inter-cropping, maintaining the soil fertility and not allowing the pest.   It is a booster to the soil. It is an energy recycling. It retains the abilities of the soil. The unwanted products or less wanted products of humans are wanted for the crops and the unwanted products in the crops are wanted for the cows. This is with regard to the soil.


The next important essential input for agriculture is water. In organic farming the water is not getting polluted. Synthetic fertilizer and pesticides pollute the water and the water mixed with synthetic fertilizer and pesticides cannot be consumed by human beings. In organic farming for example the Panchagavya a fertilizers from Cow reduces the PH level in the water and the make the water for consumption.  In organic farming the water is not polluted and further it reduces the existing pollution in the water. This is with regard to water.


The next important feature in organic farming is that it will not pollute the air, and human beings cannot survive without oxygen. The energy required for producing organic fertilizers and pesticides are simple, and there is no technology.  It is an ecological balance.  Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are created by using non-renewable energy by using various fuels as inputs.  By applying synthetic pesticides the air is getting polluted and we are compelled to breathe the same. Knowing that it affects the environment we are still using the same. This is with regard to Air.

Mind Set:

For the last five to six decade we are all used and practiced agriculture by using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The last two generations lost the practice of organic farming. So mentally we got set for using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. So we started believing that agriculture will happen only by applying synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In organic farming the growth is slow and steady. In non-organic farming the growth is immediate. Since we are in the 21st Century we believe in fast and temporary. Our mindset has to be changed and we should start believing slow, steady and permanent. We should always remember that, we as a country as whole were the top country in the entire world producing and having various techniques in farming.

Our forefathers were happy and successful in Agriculture because of Organic Farming. Today, a doctor son want to become a doctor, an engineer son wants to become an engineer, whereas even the agriculturist is not interested in making his son agriculturist. For a population of 125 Crores no other country in the world can give us food. We have to grow our food and we should be self sustained in our food requirement. Importing food will have very adverse effect on the economy and growth of this country.


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