Dangi Cattle -Hilly Cattle of Gujarat (Draught Purpose)

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Synonyms: Kanadi

About: The Dangi breed is highly recognized for its exceptional working characteristics in severe weather, rice fields, and mountainous terrain. They can go 20 to 24 miles per day as draught animals, carrying heavy lumber at a rate of 2 to 3 miles per hour depending on the terrain.

Dang means mountains in Marathi, and these creatures live in mountains. As a result, these are known as Dangi. Some claim it originated in Gujarat's Dangs area.

Breeding tract: Dang district of Gujarat and Ahmednagar and Nasik Districts of Maharashtra

Age at First Parturition: 46 -56 months with avg. of 53 months (NBAGR source)

Milk Production/ lactation: 430- 600 Kg (NBAGR source: 175-800 Kg with avg. of 430 kg)

Parturition Interval: 17-21 months (NBAGR source)

Milk Fat percentage: 3.8-4.5 % with avg. of 4.3 % (NBAGR source) Dangi cattle are widely utilized for plowing and other field tasks, as well as for transporting timber from steep forest areas. The breed is widely renowned for its good working characteristics in places with high rainfall, rice fields, and mountainous terrain. The animals have acclimated to intense rains. The skin secretes an oily fluid that defends against heavy rain.

• Total estimated Population in the Gujarat state (2007): 2,08,862

Morphological Features

Colour: coat color with red or black spots distributed unevenly over the body.

Horn Shape & Size: Animals with inward and also with downward pointing horn tips are also available in sizable numbers.

Weight: Average 310-330 Kg (NBAGR source: 317 Kg) in Males and 220-250 Kg (NBAGR source:228 Kg) in Females. Uneven distribution of black or red spots over the body. The forehead is slightly protruding.

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