Deoni Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Deoni is a draught animal that is said to have evolved through a crossbreeding of Gir, Dangi, and indigenous cattle. The breed’s name comes from its birthplace, the Deoni taluk in Maharashtra’s Latur district. “Sure,” “Dongarpati,” “Dongri,” “Wannera,” “Waghyd,” “Balankya,” and “Shevera” are some of the other names for the breed.

Deoni Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Deoni Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

The breeding tract is located in the Sahyadri hills’ Balaghat range, stretching from Kannad taluk in Aurangabad to Deglur taluk in Maharashtra’s Marathwada district. The original origins are in the taluks of Deoni, Udgir, and Ahmadpur in the Latur district. Black and white spots are common on the body. Balankya (full white), Wannera (complete white with partial black face), and Waghyd or Shevera (black and white) are the three strains of this breed. spotted). Small horns protrude outward and upward from the side of the poll, behind and above the eyes.

Deoni Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Deoni Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

The horn’s tips are rounded. Drooping ears and a large, slightly bulging forehead distinguish this breed. Bullocks from Deoni are favored for heavy work and may be employed until they are 12 years old. The animals are kept on a semi-intensive management method that includes grazing. Deoni’s average lactation production is 868 kg (ranging from 638 to 1229 kg), with an average milk fat of 4.3. (ranges from 2.5 to 5.3 percent ).


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