Endangered cow breed of Tamil Nadu: Nattukattai


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NattuKattai , Pasuthai Bangalore

Naattu kuttai is also known as Nattumadu, and it can be found in villages such as Nadukkuppam, Kanthadu, Mudaliarpettai, Pudhupakkam, and Kootikuppam in the Villupuram District’s Marakkanam and Tindivanam areas. It looks a lot like the local breed “Punganoor” or “Thiruchendur Kulli,” and it’s short and compact with a brown or grey body.

NattuKattai , Pasuthai Bangalore

The breed has yet to be formally described. Female cows are maintained by themselves and give up to 3 litres per day, which is mainly consumed locally. Male cows fetch a fair price and are acquired for draught by other farms, while female cows are kept by themselves and yield up to 3 litres per day. The importance of bullocks for ploughing and local transportation has diminished significantly with the introduction of the tractor.

NattuKattai , Pasuthai Bangalore

However, roughly 20% of farmers in this region of Marakkanam, Tindivanam, still use Nattukuttai bullocks. Marginal farmers, women, and labourers retain this breed because it is easier to manage or less expensive to maintain than jersey cross-bred daisy cows. The population is estimated to be around 500 animals, making it endangered.

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