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Malnad Gidda

Malnad Gidda Cow

Malnad Gidda’s other names include “Gidda,” “Uradana,” and “Varshagandhi.” Malnad refers to a hilly location, while “Gidda” refers to a diminutive or dwarf person. The breeding tract of this species covers the Karnataka districts of Chikmagalur, Dakshin Kannada, Hassan, Kodagu, Shimoga, Uttar Kannada, and Udupi. They contribute significantly to the region’s rural economy by producing milk, manure, and draught power with minimal inputs. They’ve adapted effectively to the Western Ghats’ native agro-Ecological systems. These creatures have evolved to withstand extreme weather conditions, including excessive rains.

Malnad Gidda, pasuthai bangalore

Malnad Gidda Gomata with her Calf

The coat color is predominantly black, with mild fawn hues on the thigh and shoulder region. Small, straight, outward, upward, and inward horns are common. Adult animals stand roughly 90 cm tall and have a tiny body frame. The tail switch is black in hue, the hump is modest, and the udder is white. also has a bowl-shaped form and is tiny. Malnad Gidda cattle are raised in a low-input, high-output method. In certain locations, animals rely completely on grazing for survival. Elite cows produce 3-5 kilograms of milk each day, with a lactation production of roughly 220 kilograms on average. These creatures have evolved to thrive in a difficult environment, which includes a lot of rain. They contribute significantly to the region’s agricultural economy by supplying milk, manure, and draught power for very little money. These creatures sprint and jump high and far.

The Malnad Gidda’s Produce is also used in our Ghee, Agnihastra, and panchagavya.

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