Farmer’s Friend: The Khillar Cow

Khillar Calf, Pasuthai Bangalore

Khillars are draught animals, and bullocks are famed for their draught speed. Belgaum, Bijapur, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Bangalkote districts of Karnataka and Pune, Satara, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur, Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra are the breeding tracts for this species. “Mandeshi,” “Shikari,” and “Thillar” are all names for the Khillar breed. This breed is thought to have descended from the Hallikar or Amritmahal cow breed. In different sections of the nation, there are four different varieties of Khillar cattle. “Atpadi Mahal” in southern Maharashtra, “Mhaswad” in the Solapur and Satara areas, “Thillari” in the Satpura range of hills, and “Nakali” in the surrounding area Khillar animals are tiny and tight-skinned, with well-defined characteristics. The overall look is that of a small cylinder with sturdy, firmly placed protrusions. The level of the back rises somewhat as it approaches the pelvis.

Khillar Cow, Pasuthai bangalore

Horns are long and pointed, and they follow the backward curve of the forehead, starting close together at the root with a thick base, growing backward for half their length, then turning upwards in a smooth bow form unique to this breed, finishing in pointy points.

Khillar Bull, Pasuthai Bangalore

The trunk has a barrel form due to the well-sprung ribs. Khillar has a brisk and lively walk. The “Mhaswad” and “Atpadi Mahal” types of Deccan plateau khillar cattle are greyish-white. Males have a distinctive grey and white speckled pattern on the face and are black across the fore and hindquarters. The “Tapti Khillar” have a carrotty snout and hooves and is white. Bullocks are prized for their speed and strength as draught animals. They can travel for hours without displaying indications of exhaustion. Khillar cattle produce 451 kg of milk each lactation, with an average milk fat of 4.2 percent. Lactation yields vary between 240 and 515 kilograms


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Pasuthai bangalore

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