Gaolao Cow(The agile one).

Gaolao is a breed from western and central India that is recognized for its agility. The breed is sometimes referred to as “Arvi” and “Gaulgani.”

Gaolao Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

The breed’s breeding tract comprises Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat, Chhindwara, and Seoni districts, Chattisgarh’s Durg and Rajnandgaon districts, and Maharashtra’s Wardha and Nagpur districts. The breed is well-suited for transportation in difficult terrain. The breed is similar to the Ongole breed, however it is lighter. Males have a blackish white coat, while females have a white coat. Males are often grey around the neck. Horns are short, stumpy, and somewhat bent backward.

Gaolao Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

The head is noticeably long and taper towards the muzzle. The top of the forehead recedes, giving it a somewhat convex aspect. Bullocks are bred to move quickly. The milk yield is low with an average of 604 kg per lactation with 4.32% fat (ranges between 470 to 725 kg per lactation).

Gaolao Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

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