Gir Cattle - Best Milch Purpose breed of India

Synonyms: Sorathi

Breeding tract: The breed's natural range includes the Gujarat districts of Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, and Amreli, as well as the woods of Gir. Gir cows generate a lot of milk. Bullocks can pull huge loads on a variety of soils, including sandy, black, and rocky terrain. It has a calm demeanor. One of India's three BEST milch breeds. It has helped to produce other indigenous breeds like as Deoni and Nimari.

Gir Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Age at First Parturition: 38 -55 months (NBAGR source: 39.47-59.21 Months with avg.-51.05)

Milk Production/ lactation: 2000-2200 Kg (NBAGR source: 800-3300 Kg with avg.-2110 Kg)

Parturition Interval: 14.47-19.73 months with an average of 16.97 months (NBAGR source)

Milk Fat percentage: 4–5 percent (NBAGR source: 3.9-5.1 percent with avg.4.4 percent It is a tough mammal that can live and reproduce under harsh conditions. Gir is a world-renowned breed recognized for its resistance to stress. After years of scarcity, it has developed the ability to produce more milk with less nutrition and is resistant to various tropical illnesses. It has been successfully bred in Brazil, the United States, Venezuela, and Mexico.

• Total estimated Population in the Gujarat state (2007): 13,99,677

Gir Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Morphological Features

Colour: Gir cattle come in three varieties, with coat colors ranging from red and white to virtually black and white or entirely red.

Horn Shape & Size: Horns are unusually bent. Starting at the base of the crown, they follow a downward and backward curve, then ascend slightly upward and forward, adopting a spiral inward sweep, finally finishing in a fine taper- giving the impression of a half moon.

Weight: Average 500-540 Kg (NBAGR source: 544 Kg) in Males and 300-350 Kg in Females (NBAGR source: 310 Kg) Long and pendulous ears folded like a leaf. Ears hang all the time and their inside face forward.

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