How useful Cow Urine as Pain killer.

Updated: Jun 8

Suffering from long last pain of Arthritis and joint pain!!!

If you are looking for long term and natural way solution of your joint problem then you must try effective cow urine. Since ages our scriptures mentioned importance of cow urine in joint pain. Cow urine provide long term relief from Arthritis. Consuming cow urine is safe for all age group. However one must be cautiously choose cow urine of only Indian breed. We wish you healthy arthritis free long life.

PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES:- => Reduce inflammation and pain. =>Act as painkiller and relieve pain. =>Act aa s smooth muscle stimulant and help contract or relax smooth muscles. =>Antioxidants, anti–rheumatic, dieuretic, Analgesic, Antistress & immune-stimulator.

Cow Urine is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and anti-fungal agents. The invention relates to a novel use of cow urine as activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bioactive molecules, including anti-infective agents.

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