The Kangayam or Kangeyam is a South Indian draught cow breed from the state of Tamil Nadu. Although it originated in the area surrounding kangayam nadu (a division of Kongu Nadu), it now covers a much larger area. The name of the breed comes from the town of Kangeyam. It’s also known as Kanganad or Kongu.

Kangayam Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

They are primarily classified into two types. The medium-sized one is mostly found in the southern sections of Erode, from Dharapuram to Karur, and the eastern parts of Tiruppur, from Tiruppur to Karur. The other kind, which is significantly greater in size, is mostly found in Dindigul and Karur districts.

It has been taken to Brazil and is known as the Cangaian there.

Kangayam Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Kangayam cows have a high nutritional content in their milk, despite being a poor milker. However, good milkers can be found in rare circumstances, providing 3 to 4 liters during peak milking season. The cattle are grey or white in hue with black markings. Due to a lack of official support for indigenous breeds,

Kangayam Cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

the breed is on the decline, however individual conservative efforts are yielding some results. Tamil Nadu’s traditional sport is jallikatu. This breed has competed in that sport before. Kangayam bulls are often employed in the Jallikattu traditional show.

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