Lal Kandhari

Red Kandhari is also known as “Lakhalbunda” and comes from the Kandhar tehsil in Maharashtra’s Nanded district.

Lal Kandhari cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

It is a draught cattle breed. Its breeding tract includes the Maharashtra districts of Ahmadnagar, Parbhani, Beed, Nanded, and Latur. The color is a consistent deep dark red, with variances ranging from dull crimson to practically brown.

Lal Kandhari cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

Bulls are darker in color than cows. Horns are modest in size and uniformly curled. The animals are kept under strict supervision and only graze in tiny groups. Bullocks, male calves, and milking animals are given a small amount of concentration. Bullocks are used for heavy agricultural tasks such as plowing and hauling, as well as transportation.

Lal Kandhari cow, Pasuthai Bangalore

The cows produce a fair quantity of milk with an average of 598 Kg per lactation with an average fat percentage of 4.57%.

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