The Konar, Thevar, Naickers, and Moopar groups of Tamil Nadu’s Madurai, Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Theni, Dindigul, and Karur districts keep ‘Malaimadu’ cattle, which means ‘hill cattle’.

Madumalai, Pasuthai Bangalore

A cattle population of 20,000 is maintained by around 250 households. This Malaimadu cattle breed is best known for providing bullocks for ploughing and draught, although they are now mostly used for penning and manuring farmers’ fields. The Malaimadu breed is short and strong, and the body colour changes according on the availability of vegetation. During the monsoon months of October-December and April-June, cattle are transferred to forests (Western Ghats / Sirumalai hills) for grazing; during the off-season, after paddy or other crop harvesting, cattle are released onto fallow fields for grazing purpose of grazing and penning.

Madumalai Cows, Pasuthai Bangalore

The drop in cow population from a few lakhs to 20,000 is attributable to a number of issues, including forest officials’ refusal of grazing licences, a lack of labour to care for the herds, and tractorization, which reduces the demand for plough bullocks or draught animals.


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