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Natural Living

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Today we very proudly tell that we are living in the most modern and civilized world. Are we?

We can decide in the end of this reading.

Today we farm different townships, new towns and villages, thus people started migrating from one place to other place in search of modern and luxury living.

What is modern and civilized living today?

We need toilet in our room itself, we need bathroom in the room itself, we have to block the natural air and light and have air-conditioner and electric light. Otherwise polluted air will come inside. We need water to just come in the tap where we open inside the house. All the physical work has to be reduced and we need artificial machine so that our physical work will get reduced and we tell it is comfort.

What was the style of living in those days?

When a new village or town is formed, the middle or the corner of the village there will be a temple and a pond. Houses will be built around the temple. People will have their farms and their work place around their house. The economy of the village will be in and around that temple and pond. In some areas it will be along the river bed. Either river bed or pond is must before creating a place for people living.

They built the pond near the temple so that all the rain water will go to the pond and naturally there will be water harvesting happen.  People will use the pond water for drinking and one side it will be used for bathing and other utilities. Even 100 or 1000 people in the village take bath in the pond, not even a single drop will be wasted. They use natural powder for cleaning themselves. This natural powder will be a food to the living being in the pond.  A natural recycling happens and the pollution in the water will be prevented. The same water will be used for agricultural activities and they use only organic fertilizers and pesticides for their farming activities.

A house will have an opening in the middle and the entire rain water will come and fall in the middle of the house and again the rain water harvesting happens naturally. There will be drainage in the front and back side of the house and this water will be routed to the nearest pond. This water will be used either for our domestic requirement or for our agriculture activities.

In today’s living we have all the facilities in the house, water once used by us will become polluted and even after treating the water, mentally there is a block to re-use the water. Water mixed with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers cannot be consumed or used by us.  We have to create artificial water harvesting in the house that to only when there is a mandatory law from the Government. Any new township created we need government to provide water by pipe from far off places and never a new pond or lake is created. Infact existing pond and lake are closed and we have started building house on that. Thus instead of creating new water body, we are closing the existing water body. Thus we can use the water only one time and we have no intention in saving the water by creating new water body.

The entire luxury requirements are from artificial energy and not by renewable energy.  Because of this there is no physical activity or less physical activity.  Since there is no physical activity we are not having healthy life and we need lot of medical attention to take care.  Instead of working physically, we now started taking advice and walk daily for half or one hour to take care of our body.

The entire above instance shows what, it is we are thinking that we are in a modern age, but actually we are not.  Millions of years the mother earth is saved and our forefathers gave this to us, and we are not giving the same to our next generations.  We think having assets and wealth which can be transferred to the next generations is required.  This is not the primary requirement; we need to give a good, healthy, unpolluted environment to the next generations.

What can we do for this?

Everyone can become an organic farmer, tiny drops of water forms a big ocean, in the same way, everyone can start cultivating their vegetable in their house and we can give atleast an unpolluted vegetable to our family members and make them healthy.  When there are plants and when you see the vegetables in the plants grown by you, it gives immense pleasure and happiness.

We supply 22 varieties of seeds, 5 litres of organic fertilizers and one litre of organic pesticides and one kg of organic manure.  We request you to kindly grow the vegetable in your house terrace, balcony and give a naturally grown vegetables to your family members.


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