Pulikulam – the Madurai breed


Cow dung, Milk and cow urine of Pulikalam cow has also been used in our products like PanchagavyaAgnihastraArks, and Organic Cow Dung Cake

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PuliKulam, Pasuthai Bangalore

Pulikulam is a renowned Tamil Nadu draught and game breed. It is also known as “Palingu maadu,” “Mani maadu,” “Jallikattu maadu,” “Mattu maadu,” and “Kilakattu maadu” for its place of origin (Pulikulam in Tamil Nadu). Tamil Nadu’s breeding tract includes the districts of Madurai, Sivaganda, and Virudhunagar.

PuliKulam, Pasuthai Bangalore

Females are white or grey, whereas males are dark grey. The creatures are tiny and compact, with short legs and a compact body. Black muzzle, eyelids, tail switch, and hooves. The Forehead is wide and features a groove in the center. Males have a huge hump, while females have a little hump. The urethra isn’t fully grown. The horns curl forth, upward, backward, and inward until finishing with pointy ends that are spaced widely apart.

PuliKulam, Pasuthai Bangalore

The breed is not intended for milk production, and only a few animals in a big herd are milked for herdsman consumption. Milk production is typically around 1.25 kg per day, with a range of 0.5 kg to 2 kg. The animals are also bred for the purpose of producing manure.

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PuliKulam, Pasuthai Bangalore

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