Story of Bargur Cattle. an unsung hero…

The Bargur cattle are a breed of dairy cattle endemic to the Krishnagiri district’s Bargur area and the Bargur forest hills in Erode District’s Anthiyur Taluk in Western Tamil Nadu, India. In their natural habitats, they are frequently employed for draught reasons. The Kannada-speaking Lingayats of the

The Bargur area has been raising them in herds exclusively. They are generally bred to perform agricultural work in the mountainous terrain. They’re also noted for their ability to trot. The majority of Bargur cattle are kept in an intensive management system and are grown in semi-wild settings in forest areas, where they are normally housed in groups of 50 to 200 animals in enclosures called ‘Pattys.’

The breed is now being bred as an In its natural habitat, it is a draught animal that is also ideal for milk production. Check out the links below for additional information about the breed

Bargur pasuthai Bangalore

Bargur Cows

Bargur cows are present in our Goshala.


  1. High shoulder, flappy hanging dewlaps under-neck, and long ears increase the area of skin that sweats and keeps the body cooler. This is apt for our climate.

  2. Sweat glands are wider and the sweat is aromatic, protecting from monsoon insects.

  3. The cow drives away insects by swift muscle movements

  4. With small hair, the skin remains clean.

  5. With all these uniqueness, an Indian ox can work with comfort in rain and shine.

Bargur Cattle


  1. Long enough to touch the ground.

  2. The tail joint is unique and allows swirling around the neck.

  3. It also swats flies and insects.


  1. Oined, does not gather twigs and dirt.

  2. Indian ox has a smaller and strong hoof. This is suited for plowing and pulling carts.

  3. Some of the Indian varieties can work without horseshoes.

  4. Unlike tractors, the ox does not harden the topsoil and kill the helpful insects.

Bargur Cattle Bull, Pasuthai Bangalore

Bargur Bull


Cow dung, Milk and cow urine of Bargur Cattle have also been used in our products like Panchagavya, Agnihastra, Arks, and Organic Cow Dung Cake



Pasuthai bangalore

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